about us 1

LECOTHIA was established in the year 2000 in Paris, the capital of fashion, with the goal of developing a high-class line of fur using traditional, handmade production methods. Each piece is sewn purposefully by hand, and the final result is not only fashionable, stylish and outwardly beautiful, but also imbued with the spirit of tradition craftsmanship.

LECOTHIA has an historical relationship with fur that no other fashion brand can claim. For more than a decade, it has built a name for itself as a brand that carefully selects only high-quality furs for its creations, such as RUSSIAN SABLE, CHINCHILLA and LYNX. Women who choose to adorn themselves with LECOTHIA furs are those that are used to wearing only the best materials fashioned to fit well and never go out of style. As each piece of fur is carefully selected by experienced craftsmen and painstakingly sewn together, LECOTHIA furs are easily distinguished from those that are mass-produced, and its respect for tradition and craftsmanship are what make women over the world fall in love with them.

LECOTHIA is an international brand centered in Paris and Hong Kong. Its creative team is a dynamic group who share ideas and work together to create the best designs possible. Sometimes the smallest detail can spark the greatest discussion, from which emerges the most ideal and perfect result. It doesn’t matter who or how it started, what matters is what is achieved.

Taking its cue from today’s fashion trends, LECOTHIA continues to evolve. From its foundation in womenswear, it has branched out into menswear, childrenswear and bedding, creating beautiful yet practical products that integrate fur into daily life.

The LECOTHIA brand was only recently launched in Hong Kong and China, yet has already attracted a clientele of discerning women, such as film star Carina Lau Kar-Ling, socialites and celebrities. It has collaborated with singers such as Grasshopper and Faye Wong in dressing them for their concert series. Committed to exploring and breaking the boundaries, LECOTHIA is determined to interpret fur in a new way, to replace the traditional concept of fur with one that has unlimited possibilities.